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Honey takes swelling out of wasp sting

Tonight, while mowing my Grandparent’s grass, I got stung twice by a wasp. The first sting was on my wrist, the second on my cheek.

Of course, being me, I immediately started going in to shock! It felt like I had walked into a freezer, and I started shaking. Once I got into the house, Grandma told me that I should put some honey on the stings to help with the swelling. We immediately put some honey on band-aids and put them on the stings. I didn’t get any before pics, as I was kinda trying to ward off shock! 🙂 The spot of both stings had a welt the size of my thumb nail. However, 3 hours later, I took the band-aids off, and I discovered other than a VERY tiny pin prick red mark, there was NO other swelling or welting!

So, if you get stung by a bee, wasp, or hornet try putting honey on it! 🙂

EDIT: There was no swelling, however, in the days that followed my wrist was fairly itchy.

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Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Have you ever look at your bulletin board and wished that it looked more stylish? When I painted my office space, I really didn’t want to put my ragedy old bulletin board back on the wall. After searching Pinterest, I stumbled across a couple ideas of glueing fabric onto the bulletin board. I, of course, had to try this out for my self.

First Step: Paint the trim (I used left-over latex paint)

Second Step: Cut fabric to the size of the bulletin board (I cut it slightly larger than the inside measurement of the frame). Then spray glue onto the board, and smooth the fabric onto the board.

Step Three: After the fabric was in place, I used a butter knife, and pushed the fabric edges underneath the frame of the bulletin board. I left it over night to give it extra time to dry.

Step Four: The next evening, I hung it on the wall…..

See what you think…..

It’s so pretty I don’t even want to put my papers, and tacks back on it! 🙂 I plan on making some stylish push pins to go with my stylish board by glueing buttons to flat push pins. But, that requires a trip to my Grandma’s house, to dig through 82 years of old buttons! (Can’t Wait!!!!!)

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