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Gingerbread Journey 2013

Check out previous years Gingerbread Journey posts to get the back story of my friend Kristina & I Gingerbread Journey.

Kristina’s inspiration this year was her husband Jon. Jon works for a landscaping company, so Kristina made a Bobcat.

I created Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, as inspired by the Tim Burton film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

Some of my favourite parts:

The Nut Room


Violet Beauregarde:



Willie Wonka & Charlie:


The window elevator:


Charlie’s house:


Well… That’s Gingerbread Journey 2013! Looking forward to Gingerbread Journey 2014!

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Gingerbread Journey 2012…. The Continuing Saga

Well, obviously it’s no longer 2012! Yep! I said 2012! Check out my post of our Gingerbread Journey so far. This past year was busy with both Kristina & I planning our weddings and getting married. Because of the wedding planning, moving and such, I didn’t actually finish Gingerbread Creation 2012 until this past weekend. (I know! It’s already 2014!) Anyway, Do you remember my inspiration that I had to my 2012 Gingerbread Creation?


And our motto of “GO BIG OR GO HOME!” was very prevelent, when I tackled, not 1……but 7 houses!

Laura Ingalls Wilder has been one of my most favourite authors for as long as I remember. Mom read the books to my brother and me as a bed time story when we were little. When I was a teenager, I fell in love with Laura & Almanzo’s story. (You’ll notice that “These Happy Golden Years”, Laura & Almanzo’s courting story has been taped back together!) Someday I will visit the Little House Museums, and see Pa’s fiddle, Laura’s typewriter, and pay my respects at the cemeteries. But for now… I create…..

Book Inspiration: Little House In The Big Woods. Near Pepin, Wisconsin
A “log” house, complete with Ma getting meat out of the smoker!

Book Inspiration: Little House On The Prairie. Near Independance, Kansas
Another log house, Pa is even talking to a Native.

Book Inspiration: On The Banks Of Plum Creek. Walnut Grove Minnesota
Here, the best part was the covered wagon made of gum paste.

Book Inspiration: By The Shores Of Silver Lake. The Ingalls Homestead, De Smet, South Dakota.
Pa is planting the trees, that can still be seen on the homestead today!

Book Inspiration: These Happy Golden Years. Ingalls House in De Smet, South Dakota.
Almanzo is courting Laura, out for a Sunday sleigh ride. (Yes I know that Almanzo’s Morgan horses (Prince & Lady) were brown, but I had already made a grey horse for a different house, and ended up using it for this one instead)

Book Inspiration: The First Four Years. Almanzo & Laura Wilder’s First Home, De Smet, South Dakota, was lost to a fire.
Almanzo & Laura are snuggled up on their front step, the night of their wedding.

Book Inspiration: Laura. Rocky Ridge Farm, Mansfield, Missouri.
Elderly Laura & Almanzo. Note, Almanzo is leaning on a cane, due to being striken with diphtheria as a young man.

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