Gingerbread Journey

Well, after spending two days immersed in the world of Gingerbread Creations I thought that I would share our Gingerbread Journey with you.

First off, for those of you who don’t know Kristina & I, a bit of background story: In 2003 Kristina and I lived together, and that Christmas is when we began our Gingerbread Journey. In our first attempt at Gingerbread houses Kristina made a simple house from a premade pattern out of a magazine, and I designed and built a Nativity Scene. After 10 years of experience, looking back, I can’t believe how crude my scene was that year. Each year Kristina and I get together on a weekend in either November or December or like this year, because of special birthdays, sudden family deaths, and the business of Christmas; January. Other than that first year we have always designed and created our scenes from ideas in our own heads.

First you must have a great dough recipe:
Gingerbread Recipe

Next most important detail is the Glue or Hard Icing. We learned the hard way in year 1 that to attach candy this “hard” icing is always the best way to go! Otherwise pretty soon candy will be falling of your creation all over the place!
Hard Icing Recipe

Finally all you need is a great imagination!! Here are our creations from over the years:
Year 1: House (Kristina)
Nativity Scene (Karen)
Year 2: Train (Kristina)
Farm Yard (Karen)
Year 3: Unfortunately due to computer problems, pictures from this year were lost. 😦 (Always remember to back up your pictures!!)
Kristina made a Cul-De-Sac, and I made a daycare center.
Year 4: Living Room Scene (Kristina)
Frosty’s Winter Wonderland (Karen)
Year 5: Castle (Kristina)
Grain Elevator (Karen)
Year 6: FairyTale Land (Kristina)
Rudolph’s Reindeer Academy (Karen)
Year 7: Finished FairyTale Land (Kristina)
Train Station & Santa Train (Karen)
Year 8: Pirate Ship (Kristina)
oct - dec 2010 189
Berenstain Bear Tree House (Karen)
oct - dec 2010 077
Year 9: Carnival (Kristina)
Santa’s Workshop (Karen)
Stay tuned for Gingerbread Year 10!!! A little hint on my theme for this year: I drew my inspiration from these fabulous books……. 🙂

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